What We do, Why We do it

What We do, Why We do it

Have you noticed that all the successful brands have the same digital strategy? They’ve all got up to date websites, their techstack or platform is always super robust and incredibly efficient, they constantly have new content, they’re on all the latest social media, actively engaging their market; they’re always on. Of course they have the budget to do that but did you know it’s all automated? Marketing companies manage all these accounts using Amazing new 3rd party products and systematically post on schedule and reply to their potential customers.

Here at AUTOMATIC, a North American based company, we have been doing that work for several agencies and it’s always the same scenario. But we’ve decided to scale that and put it into practice for all small businesses and at a much lower price point. We’ll start with building your website that you’ll love, that’s guaranteed. Then power it up with addons and integrations that make your business run better, that’s when we start our marketing and SEO programs and over the course of their duration you’ll start to see your site at the top of its keywords and trending online. You’ll receive reports with all the new traffic and customers the site and its marketing is generating.

AUTOMATIC website services is the culmination of decades of collective experience with modern web development and online marketing for hundreds of customers ranging from small businesses to some of the biggest brands in the world, compiled to work for you.

After witnessing huge budget, pretty sites fail, and hearing horror stories about freelancers and unprofessional web design and marketing providers from our clients – we decided to deliver our service that works at the right budget for everyone. This is AUTOMATIC.


With all the great new open source technologies adapted into our platform, AUTOMATIC is able to build you a completely custom website that looks awesome on any device, that your customers love, that loads insanely fast, and that search engines find.

We do all of this for you. No more having to learn any code, or wordpress, no having to spend big bucks with an agency or hoping to find a freelancer online or searching for some way to update your site, integrate new features and tools, or get online marketing working for you. Let us be your professional, in-house web team. We’ve got your back.